Enjoy complimentary shipping with all orders over $100 CAD / $70 USD within Canada and the United States. Enjoy complimentary shipping with all orders over $100 CAD / $70 USD within Canada and the United States.


Body of Work Fall/Winter 2022 campaign by Fahim Kassam


Guided by our desire to create enduring garments, we craft small-batch, considered collections focused on and classic design that live outside of the coming and going of trends.

We choose to employ the use of natural fibres (organic where possible), repurposed and recycled fabrics for our collections to produce responsibly and minimize our impact on the environment. As standards for sustainability in apparel and textile industries continue to evolve, so too will our approach to fabric and material creation, sourcing and waste management.

In partnership with local craftspeople, our fabrics are knit, dyed, cut and sewn less than an hour away from our design studio in Toronto, Canada. Supporting and being a member of our local garment industry continues to be a driving force behind why we exist. By manufacturing in Canada, we are able to visit our partners facilities on a regular basis which aids both in transparency and eliminates the need for overseas shipments of fabric and samples which typically come with a higher carbon footprint.

Recycling program
To extend the life of each garment, we allow you to return Body of Work French terry items worn for 5 years or more in exchange for a credit in the amount of $25 CAD towards your next French terry purchase online. These returned items will be used for research, development and entrance into our vintage program.

   - At this time, only purchases made within Canada and the United States are eligible
   - The item must be 5 years or older
   - The item must be received in wearable condition
   - An image of the original receipt must be provided

To submit a request, please provide the following details to info@bodyofwork-studio.com:

   - Your name
   - An image of the item
   - Where the item was purchased
   - An image of the original receipt

Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for eligibility.

For approved requests, we will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label to facilitate the return and a credit will be issued.

Your participation in the French terry recycling program is greatly appreciated.